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The Eternal Journeyman

It seems like every “luminary” in the world of software development has chimed in on this one at some point, so why not one more, right? Sure, I’m not a famous “known name” in the software world. I’ve done some … Continue reading

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Speaking ill of one’s neighbors (Originally Posted 11/8/05)

I try never to speak ill of my co-workers, but since I don’t actually work with the gentleman to my left, I can let it fly.  I’ve used my headphones more to drown him out than for actual entertainment for … Continue reading

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The Real World (Originally Posted 5/26/05)

Technorati Tags: Work,Entertainment After working in consulting for a long time, you forget what life in the "real world" is like.  In particular, I had forgotten how chatty middle-aged women are in the workplace.  In my first day and a … Continue reading

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