Is Michael Jackson innocent? (Originally Posted 6/14/05)

So, Michael Jackson was found innocent… or rather not proven guilty a’la O.J.

Is our justice system totally failing in the case of celebrities, or is it possible that Jackson really is as weird as he claims to be, and isn’t "into" children the way the rest of us think he is.  I don’t know, but all of the people who claim to have first hand knowledge of any wrongdoings are exactly the sort of people looking to be paid off: Underpaid household staff, disgruntled ex-employees, and parents who let their kids go to Neverland even after the allegations started.

What if he really is just a big kid?  A creepy, mid 40’s, plastic-surgery-addicted kid.  I mean… it is possible, isn’t it?  I mean, it’s really reeeeeaaaly unlikely, but it is ever-so-slightly possible.

Or, have we degenerated into a society so politically correct that we can’t even take a hard stance on our own celebrity criminals because it might offend their fans?  Personally, I think that’s the more likely situation.  On the one hand you’ve got people who will blindly proclaim the celebrity’s innocence because they grew up listening to their music, or watching their team play.  On the other hand, you’ve got people with no vested interest in the celeb’s well being who figure "Hey, at least no-one will trust him with their kids anymore." and let him walk rather than spend the rest of their lives debating in a jury room with the fanboys who wouldn’t be swayed by security camera footage of the crime in progress.

But then what happens?  You just watch.  Assuming Jackson can buy it back, there will be a waiting list to get into Neverland now, a waiting list populated with evil, greedy parents looking to be the next to threaten a lawsuit in an effort to cash in on what’s left of Jacko’s money.  Suing Jackson will become a cottage industry in itself, and there will rise a special breed of lawyers that specialize in chasing him the way other lawyers chase ambulances.

…and what if he really didn’t do anything?

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