The “Hot Topification” of the underground. (Originally Posted 8/16/05)

You wouldn’t normally know it from the workplace, but I’m not what you’d call a Top 40 kind of guy.  I’m what you might in general call a punk.  Specifically, I always considered myself a "CyberPunk" back when the term was in vogue, but now I’m what they call a "RivetHead".  Time passes, terms change.  Hey, I remember when "Techno-Industrial" meant something.  It meant "James Brown is Dead" and "Spice".  Those days are gone.

Today, the label seems to be "Goth", and it’s what all the little kiddies want to be.  Gone are the days when the punks and Goths were the outcasts.  It’s the new "In" thing, and I personally blame Hot Topic.

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