State Fair Observations (Originally published 8/3/07)

So this year’s Ohio State Fair wasn’t the usual treasure-trove of derisive humor that I look forward to so much.  I forgot to take my camera for the mullet-safari I had planned, but as it turns out, I only saw one heinously mulletous ‘do this year.  It was, however, on a woman.  Sitting at a table at Schmidts was a woman that looked like a Ratt reunion all by herself.  In the expo center, we had the usual assortment of booths devoted to either saving my soul, or trying to get me to join the Scientologists.  Just once I’d like to see them assign these guys to one area of the floor.  I think the resulting philosophical discussion / gang war would be hilarious.  And just for good measure, they could throw in the amazin Jeltron personality computer booth.
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