Two sessions down

Jeff’s Silverlight talk was pretty good.  Unfortunately for me I think I’ve seen it before up at the Microsoft building.  It’s a good talk, but I guess if I’d thought about it beforehand I probably should have done something else.  He’s a great speaker, though.

Second session, about the Castle project not so much.  It seemed a bit ill-prepared to me, and while I had hoped to get some more exposure to the DI/IOC stuff, that turned out to be a very small percentage of the session.  Some of the rest of the stuff is very interesting if not for the overlap with Enterprise Library and/or .net core abilities.  Most of the projects I’m on are using the EL, so it’s in my best interest usually to "keep it in the family" so to speak.  I guess if the EL weren’t around, then I’d be looking for this kind of stuff.  Kind of like ditching NHibernate when Linq came out.  It’s not a 100% match, but it’s so much easier for the stuff that it DOES do, that I can forgive the shortcomings, and wait for the Entity Framework to fill in the gaps.

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