Almost there

The second edition of the Raspberry Pi Home Server series should be finished and published this weekend. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I got a fire lit under me last night when it seems my series was linked to by a certain Wil Wheaton, the patron saint of geeks. My version 2 posts were mostly done, but I’m really pushing now to get the final versions out this weekend.

If you briefly saw a post about Syncthing, sorry about that. I don’t know why WordPress decided that one didn’t need to be a draft anymore. It was totally not finished yet, and you shouldn’t take my word for it on that part yet. It’s a new section I’m considering for the series this time around as an alternative to BitTorrent Sync, but I’m still evaluating its performance on the Pi. I’ve heard mixed reviews, and found about three different ways of installing it. It looks good so far, though. I’ll unleash it on my public share and let it cook for a while before releasing my findings. You can expect that one in the coming weeks.

P.S. CrashPlan on the Pi is still a big ball of fail. There are workarounds, but I dislike all of them. I’m working on the total end-run of the workarounds, which requires nothing from the pi but a share. Let’s see them break THAT.

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