Pluralsight Course Updated

For those who have watched my Pluralsight Course, it has been recently updated to include changes brought by Raspbian Stretch. I wasn’t able to completely refresh the content end to end, but the former CrashPlan module has been completely replaced, and now talks about setting up remote backups using Duplicati.

Everything else up through Module 9 has been refreshed, updated, and had content replaced where possible. In some cases, this is simply an overlay on the video indicating changes, but there are numerous places where narration and video have been updated in-place to bring the course up to the current OS and software.

So, of course, they released a new Raspbian mere days after my updates. <sigh/>

Anyway, if you’ve watched my course in the past, I thank you, and suggest that you might want to go check out the updates. If you haven’t seen it, and you have a Pluralsight subscription, then you should check it out.


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3 Responses to Pluralsight Course Updated

  1. Dan Guinan says:

    Hi Mel,
    I stumbled across your Raspberry Pi Home server course while at work – and it looks fun.
    I have access to Plural sight after work, so I thought this would be a fun and useful project for me.
    BUT, I was trying to buy the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B on Amazon, and there were several choices most way over the $50, but maybe thats because those were 2018 prices. Just wondering if you have any recommendations on where to buy? Thanks

    • Mel Grubb says:

      The chip shortage drove the prices up, unfortunately. The normal target for Raspberry Pi’s has always been $35, and I expect they will make every effort to get back down there when that is possible. As for me, I’m lucky enough to have a MicroCenter near me, so that’s where I get my Pis.

    • Mel Grubb says:

      Oh. One other thing. The PI 4 is the first model that is available in multiple sub-options. There have been four different memory configurations of the Pi 4 available. A 1GB version, which is no longer available, a 2GB version which would be the $35 entry point, a 4GB version ($55), and an 8GB version ($75… I think). When supply can catch back up, the prices should return to normal. As of right now? You’re lucky if you can find one at all.

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