Pluralsight Course Updated

For those who have watched my Pluralsight Course, it has been recently updated to include changes brought by Raspbian Stretch. I wasn’t able to completely refresh the content end to end, but the former CrashPlan module has been completely replaced, and now talks about setting up remote backups using Duplicati.

Everything else up through Module 9 has been refreshed, updated, and had content replaced where possible. In some cases, this is simply an overlay on the video indicating changes, but there are numerous places where narration and video have been updated in-place to bring the course up to the current OS and software.

So, of course, they released a new Raspbian mere days after my updates. <sigh/>

Anyway, if you’ve watched my course in the past, I thank you, and suggest that you might want to go check out the updates. If you haven’t seen it, and you have a Pluralsight subscription, then you should check it out.


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